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Star Trek Into Darkness - Alan Dean Foster I have to. Benedict played Khan so well I just have to.

Dark Storm

Dark Storm - Sarah Singleton DNF I got to about page 83 and it was the same teen angst and no horror.I Was so not impressed with this book. It was suppose to be scary? Yah. No. Ellie the main character was just this rude annoying protagonist who just wanted to wallow in her own self pity. And no one wants to confront her because they feel sorry for her. Well you can't act like a bitch and expect people to like you. And the ghost story was not scary at all. A few ritten passages in a journal and the smell of insence in the dark does not qualify for horror. I've seen scarier things come out of my bathroom sink.
Scaredy Squirrel - Mélanie Watt This was a fun read for my niece. But this squirrel has some serious issues and phobias. He needs professional help for sure.
Demon Love Spell, Vol. 3 - Mayu Shinjo So cute and fluffy.Review to come.
Demon Love Spell, Vol. 2 - Mayu Shinjo Still cute and funny.Review to come.
Demon Love Spell, Vol. 1 - Mayu Shinjo That was so cute and funny.Review to come.
The Curse Girl - Kate Avery Ellison That was so cute ^.^Review to come.
Modelland - Tyra Banks I know I know. Your all thinking why would she want to read this?!? Well... for the lulz people. After reading everyones review especially Wigs I need a good laugh and I'm pretty sure this will do it.
The Ninjettes - Al Ewing, Eman Casallos For more of my reviews visit herehttp://beyondthemusings.blogspot.ca/ Rating: 1 stars out of 5Recommends: AdultsHere is all you need to know about The Ninjettes without having to suffer through actually reading it.PerversionInnocent victimsUnnecessary goreMurderBoobs, boobs, boobsMore murderUnsympathetic heroinesBoobs, boobs, boobsDisjointed plotBoobsGoreHomophobiaSlanderBoobs, boobs, boobsRandom pervertsunnecessary violenceBoobs, boobs, boobsThong manobjectifying womenand... more boobs
Wonderland (Grimm Fairy Tales Presents) - Raven Gregory For more of my reviews visit herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/Rating: 1 birch leaf out of 5Reccomends: AdultsThis was nothing like Alice in Wonderland. Everything was depraved and just an excuse to see hal naked women. The only thin remotely close to Alice was the names and even then I hadn't heard half of them that were mentioned in this. This was just made out of poor taste and riding on someone elses success.
The Poodle and the Pea - Charlotte Guillain, Dawn Beacon For more of my reviews visit herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/ Rating: 2 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: Children 2 to 3I really don't understand why adding animals to a fairytale retelling makes it more approachable for children. you can do retelling for children with people and make the story come out better. Children interject themselves into the story when there are people. I will give credit to The Princess and the Pea story across just not in the most effective way.
Song for Papa Crow - Marit Menzin For more of my reviews visit herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/Rating: 3 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: Children ages 5 to 6Song for Papa Crow was a good way to tell children they are perfect just the way they are. Unfortunately it would have been a more enjoyable read if the whole book was in verse. The big issue I had with this was the font of the words. They were thin and barely legible which made reading difficult. But all in all a good choice to read to your children.
Bob's Booger - Scott Black,  Margaret TerBush (Illustrator) For more of reviews visit herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/ Rating: 3 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: For children ages 6 to 7Wow that ending was not what I was expecting from reading Bob's Booger. Well Bob you had a rough day but at the end lesson was crystal clear unlike the jewel hanging from your nose. You know who your friends really are. This would probably be more effective for the male gender than the female but that's just my opinion.
Porcupette Finds a Family - Vanita Oelschlager, Mike Blanc For more of my reviews visit my blog herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/Rating: 2 1/2 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: For children ages 4 to 5Porcupette Finds a Family was one of those books you go in thinking it will be a nice heartwarming tale of love and acceptance. But I unfortunately that way. Starting with the issue of abandonment. How do we know he was abandoned, just because his mother didn't return does not mean she abandoned him. maybe she was stuck in a precarious situation and waiting for help. Another issue I had was how Porcupette and his now adoptive family interacted. The baby bears accepted Porcupette so easily. It did not seem realistic at all. No real children accept new children into there house so easily even blood related. Now I know it is a children's fictional book but I find that the author could have still made the book cute and truthful read, especially children who are going through this kind of situation. Overall the book did get its point across I find it just needs a few adjustments to make it really pop.

Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends

Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends - Mark Englert, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley For more of my reviews visit herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/ Rating: 3 1/2 birch leaves out of 5 Recommends: Adults I must say this was quite an enjoyable read. The characters were real and fleshed out nicely. Our Heroine was highly relatable, single working mother. Disgruntled younger sister and crusty father. What was so refreshing after me previous battle with graphic novels this didn't glorify sex with women in skimpy clothes and random acts of sex. The story was plausible and easy to follow. this definitely got under my skin and was glad not to have read this at night. All in all an enjoyable paranormal graphic read.
Raven - Allison van Diepen That was so boooring. With soul sucking and immortals, expected so much more.Review to come :(