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To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee I ever so wanted to hate this book. Why you might ask. well mostly I just wanted to spite my teacher and the school system. It seems that every school must choose books that no student would ever choose for themselves, and you get no mercy from your english teacher as they thrust it upon you with no hint of mercy in their eyes. But now that i have my freedom i see why they did this, this book is the quintisental book for southern life in the sixties, yes i know its fiction but it feels like its real like it actually happened and mostly because it could/did happen. The story revolves around Scout, her widowed middle aged lawyer father Atticus, older brother Jem and their black cook in Maycomb Alabama. Jem and Scout befriend a boy name Dill who moved up here to stay with his aunt for the summer. the children are fascinated and terrified of their reclusive neighbour "Boo" Radley, as the children fill their imagination with with his appearenace and why he never comes out, they recieve gifts in a tree who they believe is from Boo himself. Mean while Atticus is appointed to defend a black man accused of rape. and as trial goes on and testmonies taken Atticus refuses to let his children be at the trial. they sneak in anyway watching closely from the balconey, as a gulity verdict comes in Jem soon loses faith in the justice system. As the acussers father is still not pleased, he harrasses Atticus and the judge and eventually goes after Jem and Scout only to have is planned hitched by Boo Radley who comes to the childrens rescue. Although this story has some serious topics such as rape and racial injustice the novel has warmth and humor which makes for a very convincing and enertaining novel. I highly recommend to anyone and is surely glad that I did read it when I did for I do not think it would have had the same impact as it did.