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Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell I picked this up after going to the movies with my friends, we had no idea what was playing and was lookng up at the board figuring out what to watch when low and behold Gone With The Wind was playing in our theatres I couldn't beleve I wanted to see it for so long. And then I got another thought how behind are we on getting movies to this theater if were now just getting Gone With The Wind. Well we ended up not going to see it because neither of us wanted to stay in a theater for four hours and i decided i would read it instead.If you have not read Gone With The Wind and you want to. First find someone whos muscular to do it for you, this book could be used as a weapon and don't read it at night because you could fall asleep and it will crush you. At a staggering 1500 pages I followed my favorite couple in fiction history the sultry, smart as whip and tough as nails Scarlett O'Hara and the Contempuos, charasmatic Rhett Butler I followed there instant dislike to one another, their marriage for convenience and the progress of Rhett falling for a woman that just can't love him. the selfish Scarlett who still fawns over another man when shes got her one love all to her self. And the climatic end that left me almost in tears as as Rhett falls out of love with her and she begins to fall in. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone it was just that good there was no fake emotions or unattainable romance that could never happen in real life no matter how much you believe you got pure raw emotion betrayal, hatred, passion, lust, jealousy. It had everything yes I may sound a bit biased and i most likely am but in the immortal words of Rhett himself "'My dear, i don't give a damn'"