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Everlasting - Angie Frazier Everlasting was a swashbuckling adventure novel I loved the history and the magic in it and the romance was not overpowering like you may see in other novels where it can take over the complete story it was like dessert a great part of the meal but not the meal.I also loved how the author put in just enough superstions to make it seem more real and then to have some of them come true just added to the magic phenomenon that it could actually happen (knock on wood).Camille was a great character she wasn't so weak that she could get nowhere without Oscars help but strong enough to rely on him. I loved how even though everything around her was crumbling the loss of her father and learning the truth about her mother she still held her head up high she was a character that women could be proud of and thats what helped the story as well.So if your in for magic, roaring adventure with a dash of romance then pick this up.