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Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce Sisters Red was an interseting take on you guessed it Red Riding Hood.That there are Fenris (werewolves) out there who just eat human girls and only two sisters in red hunt them with the help of a family of woodsmen. long story short the sisters didn't start out hunting them, after they were attacked at there grandmothers house by one, there grandmother killed and left one sister Scarlett brutally scarred. scarlett makes it her lifes goal to hunt them down and protect her sister and more girls from these vicous creatures. Rosie, fights alongside her sister Scarletts and wants to stay with her but she knows that fighting the fenris isn't in her blood or her heart. As a friend comes back from the city a fellow woodsmen they all soon find out fate had something in store for all of them. This book was quite good for taking Little Red Riding Hood and putting a more dark, grizzly, seedy take on a fairlytale i/e the apartment above a crack house and the picnic party which was good. I didn't love the book but i thoroughly enjoyed it.