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Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies - Mélanie Watt Rating: 3 1/2 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: For children ages 6 to 8I started out thinking this was going to be a short quick read, but once starting and seeing all the chapters I knew I was in for quite a little sit down. I dove into this book not knowing what to expect thinking maybe its a story about an average squirrel, but further insight I got a fun quirky and very interactive book for children to read and participate in. The safety guidelines were very well put together and thought through. The interactive sections were engrossing and had good questionnaires and quizzes to them. Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas is also really great for the holidays especially since Christmas is approaching and can help your children get involved in decorating and baking with safeness and awareness that it is not always safe. This book is great in a subliminal way (in this case it is good) to show children the proper safety techniques in a fun unintentional way. Much like cartoons did for years.Great book for comedy, safety awareness and interactions.