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Porcupette Finds a Family - Vanita Oelschlager, Mike Blanc For more of my reviews visit my blog herehttp://birchbarkreviews.blogspot.ca/Rating: 2 1/2 birch leaves out of 5Recommends: For children ages 4 to 5Porcupette Finds a Family was one of those books you go in thinking it will be a nice heartwarming tale of love and acceptance. But I unfortunately that way. Starting with the issue of abandonment. How do we know he was abandoned, just because his mother didn't return does not mean she abandoned him. maybe she was stuck in a precarious situation and waiting for help. Another issue I had was how Porcupette and his now adoptive family interacted. The baby bears accepted Porcupette so easily. It did not seem realistic at all. No real children accept new children into there house so easily even blood related. Now I know it is a children's fictional book but I find that the author could have still made the book cute and truthful read, especially children who are going through this kind of situation. Overall the book did get its point across I find it just needs a few adjustments to make it really pop.