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 I Just watched Prisoners and the setting in this book is so reminding me of the movie. Although the book has a hell of a lot more details in its killing.


The book going at this pace solid three stars. But we'll see.

Thank You

Background has been changed and functional. Books are being imported from goodreads. 2239 hours is where I'm at. The countdown begins.


Thank you all for writing helpful posts on backgrounds and book imports, Generally making BookLikes easrier to comprehend.


Thank you. Thank you, so much.


xoxo Grateful Beginner

Guys I needs some help. How do you add all your books from goodreads over here without doing it one at a time.

Oh Jesus


I just went to their giveaway page on here. And The Raie'Chaelia is a damn giveaway. You have got to be fucking kidding me.


On the bright side I guess everyone is in need of toilet paper.

The Raie'Chaelia - Melissa Douthit How the Frackity Flux do you pronounce this name. You don't even get a star rating this is going to be minus star rating if thats not possible i'll make it possible. thats for harrassing my friends and my friends friends i'm so glad i'm not gonna waste my precious time on this swine excremint. and i quote from your blog missy "they have a right to express their opinions. Everyone does. Do you hear that Melissa et al.? EVERYONE DOES!"so suck it!!
Demon Love Spell, Vol. 4 - Mayu Shinjo 2 1/2 stars out of 5 starsBleh, bleh, bleh.I have no idea what happened in this volume. The first half was cute kinda cheeky. Loving the arguements between the two main characters. But the second half. WTF happend.I don't care if you wanna have sex or not. But what I hate is when you're peer pressured into doing it or not and making it sound so life fulfilling and pure. That is what exactly happened in the second half. So what if Miko hasn't had sex don't make her feel awful and her life is a pure lackluster jewel becasue of it. Miko clearly doesn't want to have sex and sure as hell not ready. so stop making a fucking big deal out of it.Miko isn't at all blameless either making a complete outburst that the mousy introvert has had sex before her and is in complete flabber gasted shock, like come on stereorotyping much. Come on people we need to stop with the peer pressure, the shaming and hush hush about sex. We ned to just get over it already. There are a lot better things to gossip about.
Frozen - 'Melissa de la Cruz',  'Michael Johnston' So on the fence with this book.After the disaster that was the final books of her Blueblood series and her spinoff, I don't have much hope in Melissa anymore.

Tumble & Fall

Tumble & Fall - Alexandra Coutts Whoa a book about an asteroid hitting earth but doesn't actually focus on said space rock colliding with it, but instead follows three teens in their boring angsty final days. No Thank you.
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Genevieve Tucholke Whoa that was creepy and exciting and unputdownable. Review to come when I've had to calm down.
45 Pounds (More or Less) - K.A. Barson Whoa that was a very fast read. I don't know if it was the fomt size or what but it only took me three hours and that's including dozing off in la la land sometimes. For me this is a very relatable book. But I don't think I have thought about food ever the way Ann does. Review to maybe come.
World After  - Susan Ee WEEEEEEEE Preordered you so early. So I better get you.
The Falconer - Elizabeth May I finally found this on bookdepository. And preordered you. WEEHOOOT !!!T-87 days till release.
My Sister's Reaper (Reaper's Rite, #1) - Dorothy Dreyer Hmmmm. Not sure about this one. Review maybe come.
All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry So excited for this!!! thank you bookdepo for having it in already.
Ink - Amanda Sun Probably in the minority. But I thoroughly enjoyed that. review to come.
The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau Hmmm I just can't get into this one for. Could be my mood or the fact that it seems like they smooshed together Divergent and Hunger Games hoping for something new and original but I just get the echo of both books.